I have been looking high and low for the perfect cuff bracelet to wear on my wedding day. I really liked the bracelets Kristen Wiig was wearing at the Oscars. Thanks A!

If only Kristin Wiig could dress as interesting as her accessories on a red carpet….

Anyway A, her stacked Neil Lane bracelets were crazy stunning and if we’re going to do this on a budget let’s leave our snobbery at the door - off to the land of Cubic Zirconia we go!

I’ll start with my favorite.  If you can only get one bangle this Lora Paolo has to be it.  It’s spectacular.  And A, all is fair in love and fashion, so I’ll give you a 10 minute head start to buy this; otherwise it’s mine.

A close second has to be this Nadri crystal bangle.

For something that will sit a bit chunkier on your wrist, check out another Nadri design here.  That’s a good looking arm party right there.  (That saying is annoying now, right?)   

Lastly, if what you want is less ornate and more floss check these two tricked (I love when Lainey says this because I know it means she used to watch Pimp My Ride) out bracelets here and here.

(Lainey: I love it even more when Sasha says “make it rain” because, obviously. And when she is does it I always picture on a bed of cash money with Lil Wayne.)