I’ve received a lot of emails from you all about leather gloves, so I thought I’d do one big ol’ post with a bunch of options with nothing going over $125.00.  Shall we?

First stop is Ted Baker.  The dandy brand has a slew of styles, but I’ve narrowed down my top three.  Peep them out here and here and here.

No one knows gloves better than Karl Lagerfeld, and the fatist has designed up a pretty damn good studded pair right here.  Also, LOL that his face is embossed on them.   

There are no signs of the color block trend going anywhere, so get on the style wagon with these black and blue buttery Vince Camutos. 

Nothing is more infuriating to me then when gloves render your hands and fingers useless, so to combat that irritating problem take a look at these.  The cutouts allow your fingers to flex and bend, as well as pop out when you need to write a text.

You know how I feel about hearts.  They make me happy and of course I just bought these.

Finally for all of you who wrote in wanting just a standard driving glove, look no further than these functional and fashionable ones from Banana Republic.

Keep your Life + Style questions coming here.