Something I’ve always been big on is giving love to local artisans and crafts people. And that’s truly the heart of where you need to go when you’re on the journey to find true, clean, natural, toxic free products. There are so many small companies, usually one-(wo)man shows, that are making incredible things that all deserve our attention and, yup, money.

One company I really love is Amy’s Place. This Toronto based chick makes some of the most beautiful, vegan, soy-based candles ever, offering up soothing scents like sandalwood, amber, French lavender, as well as uplifting ones like Sicilian lemon, pineapple and sweet orange. I’m telling you, you can literally smell the love that’s put into each hand-crafted, hand-poured vintage jar. 

They light up my life.

Amy’s site is still under construction but if you want to order or get more info, email her [email protected] or call her at 416 725 0602. And if you're in Toronto hit up her store at 155 Main Street.

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