Hi Sasha I’ve had my eye on these Louboutins, but I think I saw a Kardashian wear them. So can you find something similar? 


I’m still on the fence about this whole caged laced-up bootie craze, but T, hopefully through my style sleuthing I’ll come out on the other end a believer. Let’s get at it!

Well if black and laced is what you want then I’ve found you some copy-cat styles here (1), and here (2) and here (3).

Sasha Finds Louboutin alternatives

If you want pure sex on your feet then these (4) Jimmy Choos are a no brainer.

Sasha Finds Louboutin alternatives

However, if you want to demure things down then take a look at these (5) Wus. I love the nod to the oxford with all the detailing on the toe and sides. 

This style of shoe is already quite the statement so while you’re at it you might as well jack that sh-t up one more notch and go gold – take a peek at this (6) Schutz pair. Who’s in? I sure as hell am.

Sasha Finds Louboutin alternatives

I’m always a big fan of texture and if you can get down with that too then peep out these (7) croc embossed bad boys.

How tied are you to laces? (wink) If you’re cool to ditch them then you can get the same sort of effect with a cut-out shoe. To see what I mean click here (8).

Sasha Finds Louboutin alternatives

Finally if you’re scared to drop a lot of dough then I got you with these (9). Right on point in the style and budget department.

Thanks for writing in and keep me posted on which ones you buy!  xx