Sasha! I need your sleuthing skills.  I’m looking for a pair of sunglasses under 250.00 that have those cool mirrored lens.  I’m embarrassed but I saw a Kardashian in a pair and I swooned! Please answer this.  .  Love, N.  


I can forgive you, but I can’t promise you Lainey will.  So before she notices the K word, let’s get to it!

Staring off with your basic wayfarer; everyone needs one in their kit and F, if you’ve been hunting for the perfect pair these (1) sunnies are the ones.

Sasha Finds: Mirrored Sunglasses

I’m super into round frames lately, especially in a tortoise shell and these (2) Illesteva's fit the bill.  If you don’t get them, I will.  But if round isn’t your jam, then you can never go wrong with an iconic clubmaster (3).

A trend that’s rearing its fashion head this season is the translucent frame.  So F, if you can get down with that look click here (4).

Sasha Finds: Mirrored Sunglasses


If you’re looking to funk sh-t up with a retro twist then peep your peepers on these (5) fly Le Specs.

Keeping on the retro tip, I’m all over these (6) shades from ASOS.  Simple, slick and cheap.  Sold. 

Sasha Finds: Mirrored Sunglasses

And sh-t, if you really want to stand out then check out these (7) poppin’ blue velvet Ray-Ban’s which have been getting quite the Hollywood play.

Finally, the aviator is must (8) and livening it up with a blue, green or gold mirror will definitely put a style spin on a timeless staple. 

Sasha Finds: Mirrored Sunglasses