Dear Sasha, I’m already dreaming of sweaters and I really want a gorgeous mohair sweater.  But can you find one that’s not itchy? Love, D  


You know I always have your style back but D, there’s no way that from behind my sh-tty computer screen I can figure out whether or not something will give you hives, a rash, hpv or anything of the sort. I love you, but you’re alone in figuring that one out. What you’re not alone in is finding a kickass sweater. 

There’s nothing better for your seasonal affective disorder than a nice happy bright punch of color so D, I’ve found you some pretty poppin’ options here (1), and (2) here.

Sasha Finds Mohair Sweaters

Stripes are back at it again for fall and I’ve narrowed down the fashion field with my favorites here (3), and here (4) … and here (5).

Sasha Finds Mohair Sweaters

Asymmetrical is back with a vengeance so to pony up on that trend peep out this (6) beautiful Helmut Lang in the winter white hue.

Sasha Finds Mohair Sweaters

Camo is going to be in your face all next season so get a jump start on that print here (7) and here (8).

Layering, when done right, is a slick-ass look and a good starter piece is a vest.  Throw on long sleeve shirt or a leather bomber underneath this (9) and you’ll be on point.

Sasha Finds Mohair Sweaters

A long cardigan is a must and if you don’t buy this (10) Acne one then I’m going to.

This (11) is just f-cking cute and that’s all I have to say about that.

Sasha Finds Mohair Sweaters

Lastly, this (12) Carven stunner is one of Gwyenth’s favorites so D, if you have the dough to drop - DO IT!

Thanks for writing in and keep your LIFE + STYLE questions coming my way to [email protected]