Sasha, you need to find me the pants that Olivia Palermo is wearing. I owe you! T


She might very well be a heinous individual, but I have to say that if I could dress like anyone on the planet it would be Olivia Palermo.  She always looks impeccably effortless and T, this outfit is just another example of her incredible style.  So I might as well show you how to get her entire look from head to toe.

Olivia usually rolls out with one standout piece and in this case, it’s the pants.  This tuxedo stripe or color panel has been flexing its fashion muscle this season, so get on it while it’s still hot.  She’s sporting a pair of burgundy Current and Elliott’s, and if you want to cop her steez then you can do it here

It doesn’t stop there though because there are a slew of similar styles you can get your hands on, so click through some options here, and here, and here, and here and my favorite here.

Now for that oversized turtleneck sweater.  This is an easy get, not to mention an absolute fall staple, so get clicking here, and here, and here,  and here and finally here.

Olivia keeps the accessorizing to a minimum; with this outfit all she has on is that gold bangle peeking through her sweater.   Now, I wouldn’t spend more than a 20 spot on this because it’s not meant to be some big ass show stopper, so I’ve found three cheap options that’ll do the trick.  Peep them out here, and here and here.

Finally, cap the whole look off with some no mess around black flats.  Everyone has a pair, but if you don’t then I’ve got you covered.  You can go with a simple ballet flat, or something with a bit of POW, or better yet turn in your usual round toe for a pointed tip.  

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