Sasha! Palazzo pants – GO! K


I don’t want to deter you, but I gotta keep it real - this is a really really really hard look to pull off so proceed with caution.  But at the end of the day f-ck what I think; if you want palazzo pants, I’ll give you palazzo pants!  Let’s get to it. 

As I like to often do I’m starting you off with your basic no-mess around style.  So check out these (1) great Malene Birger’s that ding ding! are majorly on sale.

Sasha Finds: Palazzo Pants

Pink is getting a lot of play this season so K, I’ve found you two billowy beauts here (2) and here (3).

White and pleated.  Get them (4).  Enough said.

Sasha Finds: Palazzo Pants

The trend within this trend is all about the midi length and I gotta say I’m digging this (5) pair from Nasty Gal.  Love the color, the slight sheerness, but what’s so good is that if you’re not totally sure about this whole palazzo pant thing these are pretty much a skirt in disguise.  

Finally, I leave you with a bevy of printed pairs – get clicking here (6), here (7), here (8)...

Sasha Finds: Palazzo Pants

…here (9) and here (10).

Sasha Finds: Palazzo Pants

Thanks for writing in and let me know which pair you go with! xx