I remember you writing about a site you use to buy personalized stationery (or maybe not personalized...but stationery nonetheless) and I can't seem to remember the site, or find the post on your site.  Refresh my drink re: which site you use? I've been dying to order some well designed stationery and am looking at different sites, but haven't found anything I love yet. M


You're looking for an INTO IT I did a while back on Crankbunny; you can click here to revisit the original column.  I still totally stand by what I said, in fact, my husband placed a big order with them recently and the quality is stellar.  So M, I'd encourage you to stock up!

While we're on the topic though, I thought I'd pimp out another company by the name of Eighty Seventh Street out of T.O.  Look through the site and come back to me....

So cool, right? 

Master illustrator Monica Smiley is the talent behind the designs, and dudes, her fashion inspired greeting cards take high style stationery to another level.  She does everything from corporate cards to MY FAVORITE signature fashion caricatures. 

I was gifted my very own stack of personalized cards a few months ago (look at the snapshot below) and sh-t, not to sound all up my own ass, but I've never looked better.  Sure the long skinny legs and perfect pose is, errr, not entirely accurate, but with a few delicate swipes Monica shockingly nailed the detail in my face.

Yes, this is totally self-indulgent, but f-ck it, if you can't be vain sometimes then that’s a big ol’ bore.

Keep your LIFE + STYLE questions coming my way here.