My sister and I have been desperately looking for this bag that Pippa was wearing – help! S

I tried real hard to get on the whole Pippa train, but I’ve gotta say if we’re talking fashion here, she does nothing for me.  I can admit though that she does have good tote taste and S, after carrying the one you love for so long, the company re-named it in her honor.  Cha-Ching.  So S, click away for all shades and sizes here.

If you’re still in the mood to cop more of her bags, here are the direct links to some styles:

We should all have a least one clutch in the rotation and this is one by Lamb 1887 is one of Pip’s favorites. 

Another bag she made famous was this one by Tabitha. They still haven’t restocked it, which is mega dumb, but for something similar from the line click here.

Finally, when Pippa was seen in this shoulder bag, people went bat sh-t crazy for it. It’s a great timeless bag and it’s on sale, so stock up now because one day the Antique Roadshow might come a knockin’.