Hey Sasha, I've been trying to find a wicked pair of plaid pants.  Can you find me some! Thank you, D.


Funny you mention this because I just got a brand spankin’ new pair in the mail the other day and they are RAD. Wanna see? Here they are. I’ll be wearing them a sh-t ton this winter, but just a heads up: if you’ve got some thighs and ass go up two sizes.  Now D, if those don’t tickle your fashion fancy, no sweat, I’ll fire some other options your way.  

I like a little bit of a slouch to my plaid pants and D, if you can get down with that silhouette then get clicking here, and here, and here for some styles that have just the right amount of swag.

But fine, if you want those suckers toight then peep your peepers here, and here, and here.

So far the styles I’ve shown you have a darker base tone, but if you want your stems to pop then you gotta go red.  I’ve picked out my two favorites for you here, and here.

Lastly, if you’ve got some extra dough to burn and you’re up to pack a sartorial punch then get clicking here, here, and here and here.