Hi Sasha Finds! Long time reader, first time writer.  Would really love your help to find a poncho cape that you’ve been talking so much about.  Looking to update my wardrobe for winter and get back into fashion more.  Love from down south, V


Well, I’m glad to know someone’s reading this thing and V, for being such a dedicated LG’er I’ve scoured the internet and brought you my favorite finds!

As I’ve mentioned before, if you want to get on and off the trend bandwagon then Zara is the place to hit up!  And sh-t dude, they have a really good get right now (1).  This is what layering dreams are made of.

Sasha Finds: Poncho Capes

Now if you want to really pay tribute to the Peruvian poncho then please take a moment to praise this (2) beauty over at JCrew.  It’s a simple statement piece that will turn a boring outfit into a banging outfit.

Next, check out this (3) stellar pick by Thakoon Addition.  It’s part poncho, part scarf, but a whole lotta perfect.

Sasha Finds: Poncho Capes

V, if you’re looking to work this vibe into more of a sweater sitch, then I’ve got you covered with some styles here (4), here (5), here (6), and here (7).

Sasha Finds: Poncho Capes

You can also go the coat route too and my standout from the bunch has gotta be this (8) hooded, drawstring cap.

Sasha Finds: Poncho Capes

And if you really want to pack a poncho punch in your outerwear, check out this (9) checkered herringbone number.

Now be prepared, this next find ain’t cheap, but if you’ve got some serious spending money then may I suggest this (10) chic Chloe coat.

Sasha Finds: Poncho Capes

Finally, if all else fails then find yourself a big ass scarf like this (11), belt it and call it a day.

Thanks for writing in and keep your fashion questions coming my way to [email protected]