Sasha, I’m embarrassed to ask but am I too late on this pajama pant thing? I want something with printed can I pull this off, where do I start?! L

L, the key to this look is to make sure you don’t look like you missed your alarm and rolled out of bed.  The fact that fashion has made it acceptable to wear your pajama bottoms to work means you have to up the style ante everywhere else.  This means the top half of you needs to look sharp and you’ll need to accessorize with great shoes and/or jewelry.  That’s the first battle; the next is to make sure you find the pants that look right on you.  It’s a bit of trial and error, but I’m here to help.

As you well know animal print of both the mammal and reptile variety are in.  So for some great looks that would make Joan Collins squeal with jealousy click here, here  and here.

Please, don’t make me talk about how you need florals again; I’m starting to hate myself.  Do me a favor and just buy one of these pairs from either Zara or ASOS, okay?  

Don’t be scared of a bold pattern, you’d be surprised how flattering and slimming they can be. Get ready for some clicking here, here, here, here (Beyonce was out wearing these last month) and finally here.  Now, feel free to go ballz with an equally eye-popping top, just make sure you’ve got an anchor color that pulls through the whole look.  But if you want to keep things simple, stick with a plain primary colored shirt or blouse.    

Lastly, for a more muted pattern pant, peep out some great looks here, here, here  and here.