Dear Sasha, I really want to try out wearing those pajama-style tops.  Can you help me find a few?  D


While I’m a big champion of this trend, it has to be done right.  Which means you can’t make this an excuse to look like a sloppy ass mess.  So T, make sure that you keep the rest of your outfit looking slick.  Got it?  Good.

If you want to work this into your wardrobe on the sly then I’d suggest going with a more basic streamlined style.  While the piping detail in the collar and cuff still gives a nod to the pajama dressing, at the end of the day, you’re still just wearing a silk shirt. Easy, right?  Get clicking here, and here and here, and here, and here.

Paisley and pjs go hand in hand and if you can bring that nighttime nostalgia into your daytime duds then take a peek here and here.

This trend is all about not taking yourself too seriously, and if you’re not afraid to go balls out with a bold print then click here for some eye popping patterns.  Roll yourself out of bed, put on a blazer, throw on your favorite blue jeans and you’ll be good to go.

Finally, this head to toe get-up by Tory Burch is the ultimate in pajama-dressing.  Not many can pull this off, but if you can, I salute you.

Thanks for writing in and keep your LIFE + STYLE questions coming here.