Sasha Finds: Rahua gets a gold star for hair care

Sasha Posted by Sasha at February 4, 2016 21:10:01 February 4, 2016 21:10:01

Keeping on my all natural tip, it’s now time to turn to my first post on hair products and I’m giving the gold star to Rahua.

Now, I’ll keep it real with you: this ain’t cheap (I’m working on finding others at a better price point) but when you look at the ingredients you'll understand why. There’s some stellar stuff in there, everything from rosemary tea leaf, palo santo oil (my favorittttee thing in life), quinoa, coconut… get the drift….some good quality sh-t.  

I get it though, if you don’t want to cough up the dough right off the bat then just as a heads up they do sell sample packages, which might be a good idea to trial it out before you make the bigger commitment. 

I love the stuff and my hair thanks me whenever I lather up. Admittedly I do use it sparingly because I don’t want it to run out, but it feels good knowing that I’m not rubbing toxic stuff where that big ol’ brain of mine lives. The little things, you know?

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