After years of moving in and out of Vancouver I've decided I should finally buy a raincoat, BUT I cannot handle that every woman here owns the same damn lululemon jacket. Please help -I want something classic and original. Thanks! K

Before I spout on about options, are you sure you don't want to get up on the Nubrella trend?  Seriously people, it's not too late to make it happen. Fine, I'll let you sit on it for a bit longer.

If you’re going to be an official Vancouverite, you need to start embracing some local brands and Life Time Collective is one that should be on your radar. Judith Feller is the new designer over there and she's been churning out some great pieces. For two raincoats that are the quintessential BC vibe, click here and here. (Lainey: the lining is GORGEOUS.)
If you're looking to bust some fashion flare on the Van-city streets then yow! this pink metallic jacket from Topshop is a swish statement.  

I know how depressing it is when all you see is grey sky for two solid months, so to avoid seasonal style depression incorporate some color into your outerwear. This Sessun hooded trench is the cure. Don't you feel a tad happier now?  

I'm a lover of the utilitarian movement and if you can get down with that steez too then take a look at this MHL Duster Coat. I love it. I know it's a tad on the expensive side, but it will be a lifer.

Now if what you're really looking for is something practical in the style and durability department, peep this one by Lands' End.The length is perfect and the cinch-in pullies at the waist will be super flattering. This is an ideal jacket for walking the beautiful tree lined endowment lands right before you hit up some sushi in Kits. Shoot me, I miss home so much right now.