Sasha Finds: Red Lipstick 2013

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Hi Sasha! Im looking for a good red lipstick – can you help me find one. V


When it comes to lipstick I know my sh-t, especially when it comes to shades of red. It’s the only color I wear so V, you’ve come to the right place. Here are my five current favorites!

Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge in L’Absolu Rouge (1)
The name speaks for itself – it’s absolutely red, so V you really can’t go wrong here. It saturates your lip with a smooth long lasting finish and gives your pucker the perfect pop. It’s also super hydrating and has an added bonus of having SPF 15. 

Sasha Finds: Red Lipstick 2013

Mac Ruby Woo (2)
Whether you’re a red novice or an expert this lipstick is a beauty bag staple. This matte shade is bright and bold in depth and has this total pin-up babe feel to the color. But most importantly it looks amazing on everyone! 

Avon Poppy Love (3)
This vibrant shade straddles the line between red and orange so in other words it’s goddamn perfect. And at 8 bucks a pop you might as well stock up on a life supply!

Sasha Finds: Red Lipstick 2013

Eco Beyond - 06 Red (4)
If you read my WWF post (refresher here), then you know there’s no way I could resist this line of lipsticks because each are in the shape of an endangered animal. Okay, but it’s not just pulling at my heart strings because this color is actually dope and has a great silky texture.

Ilia Beauty – Crimson Clover (5)
I’ve boasted about this brand before and I’m going to do it again. Everything in the line is certified organic, but that doesn’t mean that the quality is at all compromised. The color is rich and vibrant, the staying power is unbelievable and what I love the most is that depending on how much you slather on you can control the intensity of the red.  MUWAH!

Sasha Finds: Red Lipstick 2013

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