Reformation is the mecca for cool clothes. I b-line that sh-t whenever I'm in NYC. It's consistently on point with trends, without being tacky or tween-y, but what pumps my love the most is that they always make sure to use sustainable methods and materials for each piece of clothing that's produced.

Okay but let's get back to what to get! Well, with a new season approaching us, we're being pummeled with all the things we need, from blush-tone tops to the pointy slip-on shoe, your closet is jonezing for an update, but please don't go balls out and get suckered into getting them all - only pick one or two things that you will actually wear. 

Right now I'm vibeing on the whole corset look and the Clayten top is a slight nod to the 19th century, without going full on Medieval Times.

Come on, even if it's not your steeze, you can't deny it. The cinch waist, the slight sweetheart neckline, the exposed zipper in the back - damn, son, I'll be able to get some good wear and tear out of this sucker from day to night. But if that's not your bag, no sweat, there's a cornucopia of awesome sh-t to choose from so have at it! Oh and ps. to all the brides out there, before you email me to find you a dress, make sure check out their line of gowns and parties section here. You're welcome. 

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