Hi Sasha: I need to know where Rihanna got that gorgeous knit sweater in the Take Care video! I know it's probably a gazillion dollars so if you can find some cheaper versions Thank you!--A

Lainey is just as obsessed as I am with seeing a Drake and Rihanna hook up.  I mean, all I wanted was that stupid white sweater to slip right off so they could hit skins in front of me.  The nastier the better. Remember her scandalous hacked pictures?  The ass spread?  I’ll never understand why people don’t freak out over them more because they were straight up Penthouse.  But fine, back to this sweater, I’m pretty sure it’s Stella McCartney because it looks very similar to the one she wore to the Clippers game here.  Either way, you can’t afford it, so let’s get to it….

The closest match hands down has to be this Acne jumper.  It’s the same creamy deliciousness, the slouch is right on point, and there’s that easy access zipper in the back.  Sh-t, come to think of it maybe she’s actually wearing this exact one.
Now, you can get the same sort of off-the-shoulder oversized look with a cardigan and if you’re open to that style idea click here and here.
The weather is getting warmer so if you’re looking for a spring version of Ri’s sweater then something like this looser weaved knit is the way to go.
Keeping on the spring tip, you know you have to own something with stripes on it, right?  Good.  This Tsumori Chisato is how to do it.

Rounding out this post I thought I’d throw some grey your way.  It’s such a good color basic to have in your wardrobe and I found three sweaters in three different shades of grey that are damn good.  You know the drill – click here, here and here.