The round towel. It's become the summer staple, and dudes, seriously, I didn't want to get caught up in the hype, but f-ck it, I can't deny its radness. 

Cause shhhheeeetttt, how has it taken this goddamn long for people to realize that the normal towel, the rectangular kind, sucks in comparison? Like, no joke I want to spread eagle my ass on the beach and not be confined to some tiny piece of fabric. So yes, round towel, yes, you make so much damn sense.

Now while there are a lot of companies churning them out nobody is doing it better than Tofino Towel. They are the OG. One look at their site and you'll know why they are the best. Not only is the quality perfection, but the designs are top notch, bar none. I have the Tonquin and it's the right amount of color punch to light up my life.

And when it's not on the ground, I have it on my couch for my puppy to hang out on. I've attached the picture below.

Ummmm have you seen anything so f-cking cute in your life!? Didn't think so.

I got my Tofino Towel sent to me from one of my favorite Vancouver stores Kiss and Makeup, but you can also head over to the brand’s site to check out all the different styles.

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