Hi Sasha, So long story short my sister-in-law has recently been diagnosed with a cancerous sarcoma.  She is about to start the first of several rounds of chemo.  The drugs are pretty serious ass-kickers and she'll need to be in the hospital for 5 days after each go around and will most likely lose her hair.  I'd like to buy her a head scarf, something soft and stylish, to hopefully make her feel just a little less gross in the aftermath.  The problem- all the cancer specific sites I've found seem to be geared towards older patients (she's only 28).   She's really into being eco-friendly and generally gears towards the "urban hippie" thing (think Portlandia).  Also, my budget is fairly limited so anything under $50 would be great.  B.

It’s always sad to hear that someone has cancer, let alone someone so young. Ugh, this must be a tough time for your family, B.   But I’m sure she’s going to kick the living sh-t out of it, so while she’s busy doing that, let’s find her some head scarves.

My first suggest is to go the vintage route.   It’s really the easiest way to find something that’s not only unique, but on a budget.  This way you can buy her a few different ones to mix up during the week.  Poke around some vintage stores in your hood, but if you don’t have the time to do that then Etsy is a great resource.  For example, take a look at this floral one I just found.   I adore the pattern and colors, plus it’s totally big enough to wrap around her head.  

For something a bit more urban hippie, as you say, check out this silk screened jersey scarf. So damn cute.  I think the coolness factor will all come down to how she wraps that sucker around her head, and I also found a great youtube link that demos all the different ways you can wrap a head scarf.  See below to learn how to twist up some styles.

Now, if you want something new then there is this great site called 4 women – click here to check out all their collection of silk and rayon head scarves.  Two of my favorite prints are the ‘Green by You’ and the ‘Tribal Vibe’.

What do you think about turbans?  Can she bust one out?  If so, then click here.  This is a Toronto based store and the owner Meg actually makes them all herself.  If I were you I’d drop her a line to see what other fabrics and styles she’s working with right now.

Finally, if she really wants to give the big middle finger to the disease then check out this silk scarf from Fuck Cancer.  They do amazing things, and while I know it’s a bit over your budget, it does go to a great foundation.  

Thanks again for writing in and if any Lainey readers write in with other suggestions I’ll be sure to s