Sasha, I need to know where these came from (11/9 post of Justin and Selena)!  At first I thought she was wearing a striped tight with thigh high boots, now I see there’s a garter/thigh high involved with a shorter boot. PLEASE HELP! Jae

Well, you know I’m happy to stare at any picture of Justin and Selena together. Yah, yah, I know, Lainey and I are pervs, but how can you look at these two and not feel nostalgic for your youth?  Come on…sneaking around to make out, pretending to be drunk, and taking naked topless pictures of yourself in gold spandex.  (Sorry Lainey, but the internet can never erase this story.)

Granted, Justin and Selena live in a totally warped reality but their innocence is still so transparent, and that’s what I love so much.  Well, that, and I think they probably have a freakier sex life than I do, BUT fine, I’ll shut up now and get back to those tights on Selena.  

They’re a brand called House of Holland.  You should definitely check out the rest of their tight collection because they’ve got some really fun patterns, plus, you’ll be happy to know they won’t make you poor.  Click here for the pair Selena was wearing. As for how to wear them, I’d take a style cue from Selena and keep the rest of the look cute and casual - let the tights be the only sexy part of your outfit.   (Lainey: OMG, the pair with the STARS!!!)

Thanks for writing in and keep you style questions coming!