I have a work function for the Holidays and need something hot and happening!  Sequins it is! LOL! Can you find me a skirt under 100? V


Looks like sequins are quite the popular request these days so let’s dive on and find you something you love!

First up, I’m all about this high waisted skirt over at Express (1).  You can never go wrong with all black errrything!  I like that this option still allows you to get your shine on without being too over the top about it all.

Sasha Finds: Holiday Sequined Skirts 2014

Sticking with the all black theme V, I wanted to show you two more styles that caught my eye.  I don’t know how to categorize them other than to say they’re pretty damn dope.  To check ‘em out click here (2) and here (3).

Having said that though multicolored sequins are hella fun too!  And if you want your skirt to double up as the disco ball then get clicking here (4).

Sasha Finds: Holiday Sequined Skirts 2014

Next, I’m hitting you up with one of my favorite finds which is this (5) tulip sequin skirt.  I love it!  It’s a little Balmain, a little Isabel Marant but a f-ck of A LOT cheaper.

Bronze.  Why don’t I ever wear bronze??!?! Listen, if you don’t buy it (6), I’m going to.

Sasha Finds: Holiday Sequined Skirts 2014

Now, wait though, muted colors pack just as much punch as the bolder colors.  To prove my point get clicking here (7), here (8).

Sasha Finds: Holiday Sequined Skirts 2014

V, if you’re style skews a bit more pretty and preppy then I’ve got the perfect pick for you here (9).  If you want to stay covered up but still show off some leg then take a style note from the red carpet and go with a thigh high slit (10).

Sasha Finds: Holiday Sequined Skirts 2014

Finally, for some styles that have a bit more flow and movement check out my standouts here (11) and here (12) .

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