Hi Sasha, I like the style of coat that has the shearling fur on it – can you find me something like that.  Thank you! D


No one will ever look as hot as Jordan Catalano did in his shearling collar brown jacket. God, the nasty sh-t I would have done back then to take a good lick at that thing.  Now? Forget about it, Jared looks like one of those sick furless cats.  Ugh.  But D, I digress, so let’s get back to your request….

There is nothing more comfortable and more importantly flattering than a good drape on a coat, and I’ve found three decked out styles perfect for this season.  Click here, and here and for something more affordable click here.

If you’re looking for something you can wear on heavy rotation yet still not get sick of looking at, then D, I got you covered with the following links!  Take a look here, and here, and here and here.

You probably aren’t looking for denim, but I thought I’d throw out some suggestions just in case.  Get clicking here, here and here.

Finally, I leave you with my favorite – peep out this leather biker jacket by Current/Elliot. The distressed leather coupled with the plushness of that collar…..Please.

Thanks for writing in and please keep your LIFE + STYLE questions coming at me here.