I’m pregnant and I hate all my clothes.  I love what Sienna is wearing here – where and how? T

I hope and pray that when I’m ready to make a human being I can look just as amazing as she does.  Damn, that outfit is cute.  But you don’t have to be jealous for too long because Sienna’s get-up is hella easy and cheap to re-create.

Let’s first start off with the maxi dress.  With all the summer sales happening right now this should be a breeze to find, but just in case you’ve had no luck then I’ve got some options here, here, here and here.  Also, don’t be afraid to play it up with patterns - for two fun print inspirations click here and here

Moving on to her white scalloped lace top - for some great takes on this style get clicking here, here, here and for a black option click here.  Another great way to get this look is with a button up shirt like this one by Lucy Long.  Leave the last few buttons unbuttoned, wrap it up into a knot over your bump and you’re set.

Tying her whole look together is the hat and you can pull it off a few different ways: 
First, you can go straight up Sienna style with a fedora.  But if you want something a bit prettier then try the big brimmed floppy hat route.  Or for a little modern throwback give a cloche hat a whirl.  And finally, I don’t know if it’s just the Chinese in me, but I love me a good visor.  If you can get down with that look too, then I say go for it.