Hi Sarah, I’m sick of carrying around big bags – can you find me a small purse but that’s not boring. Thanks D

First things first, my name is Sasha.  Nice to meet you.  So with the formalities out of the way let’s get straight to the point. 

You can never be a snooze when you’re carrying around some animal print and I adore this mini cross-body.  It may be small, but it’s packin’ some style heat.  If animal print isn’t your jam, the bag comes in the same style, but in a herringbone pattern here.

Going with a candy color pop is a great way to liven things up! Check out these Furla mini messengers and dang, they’re a pretty good deal at only 98 bucks.

Keeping on the flashy color tip, check out this leather structured Dooney & Burke bag.  Lots of great hues to pick from.

Classic doesn’t equal boring in my world and I think everyone should have at least one good
straw bag in the rotation.  Surprisingly Ugg makes a great looking one – peep it out here.

Finally have some fun with fringe.  Check this one out by JJ Winters, but just make sure to never ever dress like the try-hard who is unfortunately attached to the bag.