Sasha - Do you have any suggestions for an everyday spring handbag? I've been looking to change-up my bag for the last two years and haven't been able to find anything that I really like or is that at a reasonable price range (I would like to stay around $100) A.

When it comes to handbags, anything goes but I’ll whittle down a few must-have looks on a budget.
The whole structured 1960’s bag is a trend you’ll see a lot of and if that fits into your style then click here, here and here.

If a tote style is more your thing then check this one at Zara - the studding is very reminiscent of Alexander Wang’s bags.  And for another great looking tote check out this Rachel Roy.

Everyone should own at least one cross-body bag and A, if you’re in the market for one I’ve got a few goodies  - get clicking here, here and here.

Finally, I think the biggest trend of all is the brightly colored Cambridge bag.  Duana actually bought one the other week - it’s gorgeous - but for a couple of budget friendly options we turn to my Asian friends from Yes Style and an eBay seller in Hong Kong.
Happy Shopping! xx