Hi Sasha!  I’m 28 and am one of those women who only care about fashion for its function. With that said, can you please find a basic sweater dress under 250.00 but nothing fancy frilly. Something as you say ‘serviceable’ but still great quality.  Thanks V  


Okay, if I’m reading you right…you want a timeless go-to that’s hot but not over the top.  Copy that.  

I’m going to start with a pop of color because why the eff not and V, this (1) pick over at Gilt is where it’s at.  Also, um, did you see - it’s actually cashmere? 

Sasha Finds: Sweater Dresses under $250

Ok, but if you’re not too keen on sporting color then you know black is the best fall back and I don’t think it gets much better than this (2) ribbed wonder. 

Now when you want to get some bang for your buck NastyGal is your fashion best friend! And boy oh boy have I found some snuggled up styles just for you.  Get clicking here (3), here (4), and here (5).

Sasha Finds: Sweater Dresses under $250

Sorry, but this next one is just for me.  I’ve been eyeing this (6) sucker for a while and it’s finally on sale!!!!  Beat you to the checkout!

Sasha Finds: Sweater Dresses under $250

V, if you’re really looking for some length in your sweater dress then I’ve got you covered with this casual ankle grazer right over here (7).

For a little cabin chic vibe, cozy on down to this (8) pick for the ultimate season staple.

Just because you’re sporting a sweater dress doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt your figure so V, if you want a silhouette skimmer peep your peepers right here (9).

Sasha Finds: Sweater Dresses under $250

So far I’ve shown you your standard straight sweater dress, but V, if you want to really embrace the word “dress” then check out this (10) Michael Kors, which btw, is super on sale.

Sasha Finds: Sweater Dresses under $250

Lastly, I don’t know about you, but I can still bust a good sweat in the dead of winter and V, if you’ve got a menopausal type body temperature too then sleeveless is the way to go (11)!

Thanks for writing in and keep your questions coming to [email protected].