I have a mary jane shoe obsession and I love the ones Taylor was wearing at the VMA’s.  Can you find them for me and anything else like it.  I’m up for the splurge! Thanks you! Love, V.


Alright V, your wish is my command. Taylor’s sky high heels are Pradas so get ‘em while they’re hot (1). Enjoy!

Sasha Finds: Taylor Swift’s Mary Janes

But now that I have you, why not fuel your obsession with some more choices – you ready?

Mary Janes definitely have a throwback feel to them so if you’re up for a little old school glamour with a new school price then peep out these (2) awesome metallic Miu Mius.  

Sasha Finds: Taylor Swift’s Mary Janes

Keeping with the metallic mary jane theme, take a look at this (3) stellar pair by Chloe.

A lot of heels right now are channeling the oxford aesthetic, and these (4) Oscar de la Rentas have the detailing down pat.

Sasha Finds: Taylor Swift’s Mary Janes

I’m gonna go ahead and make the style call that mesh and or netted shoes are on their way to the mainstream soon so V, pony up on this trend before anyone else by clicking here (5).

I get a lot of requests from brides asking me to find them a pair of hot-ass blue shoes and I haven’t found anything that I’ve liked….until now. Check these Manolos out here (6).

Sasha Finds: Taylor Swift’s Mary Janes

But V, if you’re not down with the blue, then no sweat, because these suckers come in a vamp black (7) as well. Oh and they’re both on sale – hurry!

Honestly, I’m still undecided on if I like these (8), so I’ll let you give them a thumb up or a thumb down.

Sasha Finds: Taylor Swift’s Mary Janes

V, if you’re looking for some good work heels that can transition to a night out then peep these (9).

Lastly, I’m super vibing out on this pair of (10) Carvens. I like the combination of mary jane strapping with the booty-esque silhouette. Sold!

Sasha Finds: Taylor Swift’s Mary Janes

Thanks again for writing in and keep me posted on what you end up buying! Keep your LIFE + STYLE questions coming to me at [email protected]