This is really embarrassing but I sweat a lot –any fashion tips on how to have it stop staining my tops?  T

I’m a sweater too.   So much so that 5 years ago I self-diagnosed myself with hyperhidrosis.  For realz, like, on a semi-warm day my boob and back sweat could hydrate a small village.  So T, I feel your pain, it’s sad, gross and yes, hella embarrassing.   Now you’re in luck because I discovered something that might just dry your tears and that wetness under your arms. 

I give you Saxton Chayse.  

The company has created an ultra-lightweight undershirt armed with a triple layered pit pad.  I’m telling you, it’s great.  It's the perfect secret weapon for under your crisp collared shirts, blouses and sweaters.  I tested it out on a hot soupy day last month and I felt like a new woman. 

Now, I know you’re thinking that by throwing on another layer of clothes it will only make you sweat even more, but I promise it doesn’t.  In fact, it almost acts as a wicking second skin and because it’s so tight to your frame (thanks to the lycra) you get the added bonus of it sucking in your gut.

You’re welcome for changing your life.