HI Sasha, I know this is embarrassing but I really like that tiedye skirt Vanessa Hudgens was wearing at Coachella.  Can you help me find something like it?  Thank YOU! D


Can I get real?  I mean, if you're looking for a skirt like that then hit up American Apparel, set up a bucket with dye, grab some scissors, and get at ‘er.  For real, it's simple and cheap as a muther f-cker.   So with that said, if you don't mind D, I'm going to alter your request a bit and look for a few tie-dye dresses that are a bit more refined and versatile. Cool?

Most colors used for tie-dye are bright and bold, but you can get just the same about of punch with hues that are a bit toned down.  Case in point this sweet flowing Alice + Oliva dress. 

While we’re on the topic of fun and flirty dresses I’ve found some serious winners here, and here, and here.

Another way to have fun is by going a little abstract and Diane Von Furstenberg has done just that in the form of a stripe.  Take a peek here and here.

However D, if you are looking for more of a traditional dye job then this Young Fabulous and Broke dress or even this Free People one will do the trick.

Finally, a designer who is making tie-dye to die for is Raquel Allegra – seriously, her sh-t is awesome.  D, get ready to start frothing at the mouth here, and here, and here and here.

There you have it – hope you liked my picks!  xx  And keep sending me your questions to [email protected]