Is it ok to wear a tux blazer with a dress to a wedding? V

YES! It’s more than okay to wear a tux blazer and if it makes you feel any better Lainey is going to turn that look out for Duana’s wedding in July. For this to work though, it’s all going to come down to fit.  You want it to be form fitted and formal so make sure you stay away from any boxy boyfriend cuts.  For some inspiration for both you and Lainey I’ve narrowed down some fly styles.

Let’s kick things off with some great basic black picks, for that click here, here and here.

Another way to crank up the style notch is by sequins and I LOVE this Aubin & Wills number.  

Sticking to the cropped silhouette, peep out this slick one by Karl and this beauty blazer by Band of Outsiders.

Finally, if you want to make a cool statement, ditch the style safety net and go bold. I’ve got some great balls to the wall blazers that I’m praying one of you out there will buy.  Get clicking here, here, here and here.  Come on Du, will you “let” Lainey wear one of these?