Dear Sasha, I’m looking for some shearling boots that aren’t UGGS but our just as comfortable.  Can you go on a mission?  Thanks L.


I know UGGS are totally played out, but I’ll never be a hater because denying something that is SO comfortable goes against everything I stand for.  But I get it L, you don’t want to look like some pre-teen mall rat, so I’m here to help you out…..

If you’re looking for a tall boot click here and here.  I know, I know, they ain’t super cheap, but god they are damn nice, and I promise L, you’ll have them for many seasons to come.

If you’re looking for a wedge bootie check out these slicked out shearlings by Marvin K and these plushed out puppies by J Crew.
I love me a good ankle bootie and L, I’ve sleuthed out three stellar styles for you here, and here and here.  Throw on an oversized knit, tuck in your skinnies and you’ll have the perfect cabin fever get-up.

Nothing is more comfortable than a moccasin and if you can sport that look then click away here and here.

Finally, Lainey and I both have these Aldo booties.  They are a special collaboration with New York chic boutique Warm.  And let me tell you, warm is exactly what they are.  I’ve been running around in them every weekend and they make me and my feet very happy.

Thanks for writing in and keep your LIFE + STYLE queries here.