Sasha, I've been looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses and I'm totally in love with the way Victoria Beckham's work on her face. Where can I find them? K

Victoria Beckham continues to surprise me with her success.  Her marriage to David is probably the healthiest of the celebrity lot, she’s not in the rags every day for being a mega biatch, her reality show didn’t destroy her career, and her clothing line actually has staying power. I mean, you never saw Anna Wintour perched front row at Sweet Face….

K, the sunglasses she’s sporting are of course from her eyewear line; however I can’t seem to find them anywhere.  The closest match I found were these  oversized sunnies. Now, if that doesn’t do it for you hit up net-a-porter and see if anything from her latest collection tickles your fancy. And if you’re willing to give up the Victoria Beckham dream, you can’t go wrong with Prada, Dior, Tom Ford  or Balenciaga.

Switching gears a bit I want to introduce you to a new line called KayTran. In the last year I’ve had a few of my fellow non-bridge nosed Asians write in about how hard it is to find the perfect sunglasses. Side bar: My father used to tell me to pinch my nose for 30 seconds everyday so it would one day form a bridge. It didn’t work.

Point is, a lot of us don’t have bridges like you whities hence why fit is always a challenge. They either slide right off or they sit funny leaving marks on our cheeks. What’s a yellow girl to do? So what KayTran has done is made a few adjustments to the nose pads and lens angling and tadow! Equal opportunity sunnies for all. Give em’ a whirl – I’ve tried on a bunch of different styles and they’re the sh-t.