Can you find me a comb for my wedding day – I’m going with a 20’s look.  Thanks L.

L, instead of trying to find anything feathery or flowery I’m just going to stick with an art deco jeweled vibe. Cool?  Cool.  

I owe Jennifer Behr my first born for making my wedding head piece. Her designs are spectacular and she has two stunners that I think you’ll like - click here and here.  

From Vogue to Tatler, Jane Taylor Millinery has long been praised for her bridal pieces and when you see something like this beaded beaut, you know why she gets so much love. It’s lovely. Oh and I couldn’t resist showing you this jaw dropping crystal head band. It’s not for everyone but if you can make that work…. whoa.

Another well-known UK bridal destination is Liberty in Love and good god this peacock mantilla comb is a breath taker. The simplicity and glamour of this piece would go with any gown.     

Finally, I suggest you put in some time on Etsy. There are so many rare and unique finds that it will make your mind spin.  I came up with a few of my favorites – check them out here, here and here.


(Lainey: Sasha’s Jennifer Behr headpiece, the one we jizz over all the time, was recently featured in the New York Times. This is Sasha. In the NEW YORK TIMES.)