Sasha Finds: Weekend/overnight bags

Sasha Posted by Sasha at October 25, 2012 17:11:36 October 25, 2012 17:11:36

Sasha, I need a good weekend/overnight bag.  Everything I like is so expensive, can you source out something around 250.00.  Cheaper is better though.  Thanks! D.

I’ve never understood the need for a weekender; my grocery bag and I have always gotten along just fine. That is until my mom bought me a dope Pendleton one a couple of months ago, and sh-t, I don’t know how I ever functioned without it.   So D, now that I’m an expert in the field here are some of my favorite picks!

Le Sportsac is one of the leaders when it comes to packing up your crap in something slick and serviceable.  For a few of their standouts click here, here, and here.

If you’re looking for something a bit more upbeat and playful then I’ve got your back with some patterns that will most definitely get you excited for your next trip.  Get clicking here, here, here, and one more here.

Canvas is a good way to go.  It’s a super durable fabric and has that perfect laid back aesthetic that we should all be embodying on our weekends.  Click here and here for two sweet options. 

Finally if you’re looking for a timeless bag that will weather right along with you, take a peek here and here


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