Sasha Finds: White Pants 2013

Sasha Posted by Sasha at April 18, 2013 19:14:35 April 18, 2013 19:14:35

Can anyone wear white pants. I want to give it a go but I don’t know where to start.  Can you ask Sasha to do a Sasha Finds? Thank you, P


I've only worn white pants once and never again. Not only did they look revolting on me, but I was worried the whole damn day that somehow I was spontaneously going to get my period.  So it's a no-go for me, but T, more power to you if you can pull it off. 

There's nothing simpler than going monochromatic white. It's a fresh look and palette so T, if all you want is some straight up white pants then get clicking here, and here and here, and here.

Another white hot trend is the tuxedo style and I've found two styles for you here and here.

If you're looking for something more low-key and relaxed then I've got your ass covered! Get clicking here and my favorite here

While pure white is scary for most you can dumb it down a bit by just having it act as the background color. And because it's spring let's spruce this look up with some florals!  For that click here, and here, and here, and for all you lovers of Drew's pants a few weeks ago click here.

Thanks for writing in and keep all your style queries coming my way at [email protected]

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