If you live on the east coast then you have no feeling in any of your appendages because holy f-ck this winter has been so damn cold. I’m desperately trying to figure out where to go to eat some vitamin d, but in the meantime it’s time to swimsuit shop.  
I’ve always been pretty basic with my swimwear. As long as my privates are covered, I’m really not all that bothered, but I plan to step it up this time around and PatBO is giving me all the warm, holiday feels.

Swimsuit 1

Swimsuit 2

Swimsuit 3

Swimsuit 4

The Brazilian brand is packed with stunning prints and silhouettes but my stand out is for sure this two piecer.

Swimsuit 5

The ruffled shoulders, the mismatch floral print, the high waist retro bottoms – I can almost feel the winter blues lifting from my body.   

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