Hi Sasha!  I need your styling help!  I just started a new job at a creative agency.  Everyone dresses so cool here. So I need you to help me find some dresses that are cute and cheap.  I get paid peanuts so it has to be under 100.00 and extra points if I can wear it out if these people ever think I’m cool enough to hang out with them after work.  Thank you!  F


A lot of work environments can be quite the fashion show so F, I’ve narrowed down some of my favorites that will have you strutting along with the rest of them.

I think my favorite out of the bunch has to be this honeycomb knit zipped dress (1) from Intermix. Now, on its own it’s quite the party dress, but if you throw on a nice fitting blazer, tights and some black ankle booties then it’s all business.

Sasha Finds: Work dresses under $100

Now, if you’re feeling confident and want to bust out some style personality then please oh please consider the next two dresses. Click here (2) and here (3). Again, it all comes down to the styling so make sure you neutralize the pattern on the dress with a basic long knit cardigan.

If form fitting isn’t the way you want to go then no sweat, take a look at this (4) next dress as an option to consider. This dress is a great base to work from because all you need to do to flash things up is to add some accessories, so think about layering some necklaces and even adding a belt!  

Sasha Finds: Work dresses under $100

Speaking of great bases this (5) Topshop dress is another winner. It’s the perfect boardroom to bar number not to mention way under your budget.

Panelled dresses are a gift from god – they’re not only super figure flattering but quite the eye catcher as well. So F, don’t waste any time and put this (6) River Island one into your weekly style mix.

Sasha Finds: Work dresses under $100

Leather is up and down the hallways at my job and F, if you’re seeing that  trend at your work as well, then get on the style bandwagon here (7) and here (8).

Finally, there’s no better style statement than working some prints and patterns! I’ve sleuthed out a bunch of style stunners for you here (9), and here (10), and here (11), and here (12)…

Sasha Finds: Work dresses under $100

…and here (13), and here (14) and one more here (15).

Sasha Finds: Work dresses under $100

Thanks for writing in and let me know which one you end up picking! xx