Hi Sasha - I'm on the hunt for some cute flats to wear with straight cut jeans. I'm 5'8" and sometimes I just don't want/need the extra two – three inches most of my shoes and boots give me especially when I'm going out with my 5'1" girlfriends! I was thinking $100 or
under.  Thanks. A.

A, I’ll get to your fashion question in just a second but the mention of your shrimpy friends in the letter made me want to set the record straight about something.  Remember Duana’s tall article that everyone loved?  Yes, it was hilarious and I know all you long legged ladies rejoiced and stood that much taller because of her words.  Power to you.  But do you also remember when she implied I lied about being 5’5?  Dudes, I’m totally 5’5.  I even made Du take out the tape measure one night and guess what?! I came out 5’5.  That’s all I have to say about that.  And yes, I’m very petty.  Now that that’s taken care of… let’s move on, shall we?

If you don’t have a contrast tipped toe in the shoe rotation then giddy up and get on it.  They’ll refine your look right away and A, I found two that are calling your name.  Click here and here.

Now if those last ones were too much of a snooze then check out this chevron patterned pair for some flare.  This just happened to rhyme, go with it.

This next pair is totally impractical for winter, but they’re absolutely worth buying for the summer season.  The florals, the bow, the weaving…please, they’re adorable.

Staying on the cute tip, take a peek at these RAS flats.  They’re causal enough to toss on with a pair of jeans but will totally work with a skirt or dress.  

I’ll leave you all with an informative tip that should get you very excited.  If you didn’t know, BeachMint has launched in Canada – this includes Kate Bosworth’s jewelry line JewelMint, the Olsen’s t-shirt line StyleMint, and Rachel Bilson’s shoe collection ShoeMint.  Everything is right on trend and right on budget.  While I haven’t purchased anything yet I know that my obsession will be a deep and destructive one.  Anyway A, I’ve just perused the ShoeMint collection and it’s pretty damn great.  There’s a really cute pair of tasseled flats called the Kathy that I’m willing to fight you over.   

Happy Shopping! xx

(Lainey:  Ahem. I am 5 ft 3 and, well, it doesn’t seem like she’s 2 full inches taller than me.)