I love animals on my clothes, not prints but animals (which Lainey can relate to), and I saw this shirt on this really bad show.  She was wearing this sweatshirt with a horse on it and I want it! M

I’ll be honest I don’t love animals on my clothes - does that make me a bad Asian?  Either way M, I promise to suck up my dislike and find you something you like.   So to give love to all our furry friends I’ve broken them down into cheesy categories for you.  

Yay or Nayyyyyyyy (get it?):

The sweatshirt Laura Prepon is wearing is by Haute Hippie but it’s sold out everywhere; however they do have the print in a tank top. YAY!
Looks like you’re not alone for your love of horses - Stella McCartney is also a fan and she’s whipped up two designs. Get clicking here and here.

For another horse print this top by Whistles is actually not half bad, you know, I might actually like it.

Finally for a more abstract tribal design take a peek at this one by Lauren Moshi.

Yes, Deer

For a straight to the point, no mess around deer motif look no further than right here.

If you want to be a bit more subtle about it, then this flowing blouse by Bellatrix is lovely.
And if you want to mix it up with a dress then it doesn’t get much cuter than this.  It would be perfect for a cozy cabin getaway  


Everyone knows a cat lady or at least a cat lady in the making and for that special person in your life here's a chiffon blouse that will cover up their crazy.

And while you’re at it why not a skirt….

If I was forced to work some feline fashion it would have to be this sweater.  It’s an Opening Ceremony x Glamor collaboration, so sharpen your claws because when it hits stores and online on Feb 15th people will be clamoring to get at it.

Doggy Style:

There’s a lot of weird tacky dog sh-t out there but the only thing I found, that I actually quite like, is this Rottweiler sweatshirt from Bergdorfs. I might even buy it for my hubz.

Hop on:

I could totally see Lainey wearing this!  And if I was forced at gun point to wear a bunny on my shirt I’d go for this.

For a little nostalgia this top brings back memories of childhood Beatrix Potter books.  

Finally, for a Playboy-esque bunny print without the fake tits and lips click here.  (press the picture for the second model)