Dear Sasha, My awesome hubby just surprised me with a brand new iPad. I'm having trouble finding a really cool cover for it. I found a cute one by DVF but it's $140! Do you have any suggestions in the $50-110 range? Many thanks, T

Holy F! I didn’t know iPad cases were such a giant ass violation.  I weeded through so many that were over 500 bucks - who the hell would ever?!? In any case T, I’ve found you a few that are within a normal human being’s budget.

If you’re looking for flare over function then let’s start off with some fun fashion cases. Get ready to start clicking here, here, here, here and finally here.

Now, let’s move on to the more practical…

This wool and leather one by Hardgraft boasts a cool minimalist feel.  It of course encases your iPad, but what’s so clever is that you can roll it up and ta-dow it’s a holder too.  Click on the video to see how it’s done.

Aviiq's smart case has received a lot of praise for its durability and functionality.  Slick design and really affordable. This is for the iPad 2 but they’re coming out with one for the iPad 3 soon.

For a no mess around, practical, streamline case check out this one by Dodocase.  Its great hard cover holder acts as a stand and also camouflages as a notebook to fool all those kleptos.