I just got an iphone – can you find me some fun cases?  L

Holy crap!  There are a sh-t tonne of cases to choose from out there, so L I’ve tried my best to whittle down the list.  Let’s do this.

If you’re a label whore then you’re in luck because Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff, Diane Von Furstenberg and even Lanvin are leaving their designer mark in this market.

Usually any kind of bedazzling makes me want to yack, but if you’re going to floss out then this is the time. I’m really feeling this personalized rhinestone iphone cover and sorry, it might be the Chinese in me but this mega over the top pearl beading and bow case is effing awesome.  

Dannijo is known for their spectacular jewelry designs and they’ve branched out to create some really slick looking cases – click here to view the entire collection.

Okay be warned, things are going to get a bit more “creative” from this point on….
I love sushi more than I love my husband.  Fact.  So when I saw this nigiri case I no joke, lost my sh-t. 

If you’ve got a major sweet tooth then get clicking here, here and here.  Cute calories only.

For all you makeup junkies out there click here, here and here for some beauty inspired designs.

I’ve been on a major Olympics bender and this adorable London public telephone design makes me sad that the games are coming to an end.

Okay, okay, I could really go on forever, but I have to stop now because I just found some dick and vag cases and I’m officially weirded out.