Hello Sasha, I was wondering if there are any good moisturizers that you recommend that cost between $40.-$60 Thanks KB

KB you’re in luck because I’m testing out a few moisturizers right now and I’ve found some really great products that I’ve been dying to share.

I had the chance to interview Gucci Westman a couple months of go.  If you’re not familiar with her, she’s basically the makeup master in the fashion and beauty world.  Of course after meeting her I totally developed the biggest lady boner – she’s not only damn cool, but dear god her skin is f-cking flawless.  She exclusively uses Eminence, so of course I had to get my hands on the line too… that’s just the kind of thorough stalker I am.  I’m using the Sweet Red Rose Whip Moisturizer right now and I’ve got to say it’s fantastic.  At first I was a bit worried because it’s really rich, but surprisingly the cream absorbs perfectly into my skin.  It’s great for the harsh winter months.  

Next, is another all organic product called Pangea.  I’ve been testing out their Italian Red Mandarin Rose for a couple of weeks and I love it as well.   Really light weight and hydrates the muther out of your skin – it actually feels like my face has just consumed a liter of water.  Oh and if your sucker for nice smelling things, you’ll be very happy.

Rounding out the cream circuit is Philosophy.  We all know Oprah is a major pimp for Hope in a Jar.  People swear by it and yes, it is great, but I just tried their Miracle Worker Moisturizer and damn, it’s good.   After using it the other night my face felt like the cracker in a frat boy circle jerk.  Sorry, that was super sick of me to say, but my point is, it left my skin super smooth and soft.  A definite must try.