I'm in love with the pendant Angelina is wearing in the New York Film Critic's Circle gala photos you guys posted this morning.  Any hints where it's from? Thanks, B

Angie doesn’t max out on jewels often, but when she does, holy f-ckity f-ck she doesn’t mess around.  This necklace is a masterpiece!  I tried my best to find the designer, but all signs point to it being from her personal jewelry collection.  Which sadly means it’s either vintage or from one of the 100 countries her children are from. So I’ve taken it upon myself to find you some fancy neck gear that will get you as close as it’s going to get.

What I love about her necklace is how it looks like it’s just suspended on her chest.  Rarely do my eyes wander away from her face, but in this case all the attention is on that stone, so to make a similar impact take a peek here, here  and here

If you’re not set on a certain stone shape then feast your eyes on these really pretty round stone necklaces – get clicking here and here.

Finally, if you want to floss out I just found this emerald and diamond necklace from Kohls.  They’ve got a crazy buy one get another free deal, which is almost too good to be true, but don’t waste time questioning it...GET ON IT!

I love it when you guys school my ass and ah yes, this would be one of those times. A couple of you emailed and tweeted to inform me that Angelina's emerald pendant is from Robert Procop's Jolie collection. Angie collaborated with the designer and came up with some absolutely stunning pieces. Have at it at http://www.robertprocop.com.  And of course all proceeds from the collection are donated to Angelina’s foundation, The Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.