WHY: This is not one of those I have a “friend” who has a cold sore. I’ve never had a cold sore.  I never want a cold sore. However, someone who does…. my husband. 

The story goes that when he was 17 he had a sloppy kiss with an even sloppier girl and ta-da the rest is mouth herpes history.   F-ck, he’s going to murder my ass for outing him, but whatever, it’s not like that sh-t is a secret you can hide.

Anyway, we’ve been together for 6 years and I’d say about every 4 months or so one of those suckers would pop up and ruin his perfect face. He’s honestly tried every remedy out there, but it wasn’t until I found this product in Sayulita Mexico that his cold sore prayers were answered.   

Now, I haven’t told anyone about this potion yet because I wanted to make sure it was the real deal, so how’s this for some pudding proof?  It’s been a solid 18 months and buddy hasn’t had a single one!!!   All I have to say is that whatever’s in this tiny bottle is one giant miracle.   

To my knowledge, this is the only place to get this product. I know the shipping might seem a lot. But it’s worth every penny.

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