WHAT: NuCelle SunSense SPF 30+ Sunscreen


WHY: Do you drive without a seatbelt? Do you have stranger-sex without a dome? Do you make toast in the bathtub? If you said yes to any of the above you’re probably not reading this because you’re most likely dead. 

The point I’m trying to make here is that if you’re a smart person you’ll take all the precautions necessary to live a long and healthy life, right? So if you’re not slapping on sunscreen every damn day this summer then OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU. 

Dudes, the sun can straight f-ck you up. It’ll not only crackle your skin and make you look like sh-t, but please don’t make me even write the C-word.

So here’s the deal, if you have a great sunscreen – congratulations. But if you don’t then I 100% encourage you to try this one by NuCelle. Here’s what you need to know – 30 SPF, oil free, zinc that leaves no white residue, and packed with Vitamins A & E. (Lainey: I use this product religiously because it goes on easy even with moisturiser and makeup and won’t make you feel like you’re wearing 18 layers.)

Update:  Bummer news it that the new stock doesn’t come in until July 16th but the good people of NuCelle are going to make it up to you.  Plug in the promo code SPF30 in the promo code box or in the comments section and for your inconvenience you’ll receive a travel size 0.67oz for free with a purchase of a 2 oz bottle.

(Note from Lainey: Sasha’s Into It articles are NOT paid endorsements. Paid endorsements on LaineyGossip.com are always clearly marked. These are straight up Sasha obsessions.)