WHY:  I ride public transit every day and as I've expressed on the site before, it's literally the worst service that has ever been provided to human beings. I’d liken it to a fart in the face, but sadly, that’s a regular occurrence I've come to accept on this sh-t-mobile....

The only way to get through this insulting experience is by hyper distracting all my senses, which in turn dulls down the reality that the guy next to me just sneezed into my mouth.  One of the ways I escape is through my iPod – music is my savior.  And for the last few months I’ve been on the search for some kick ass headphones that are not only prime in sound quality, but in style, and these Frends Taylors fill both requirements.  

I really really want these and this is a very big hint to the people I love and care about to buy them for me for Christmas.

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