Sasha Style: A Tall Wedding

Sasha Posted by Sasha at July 5, 2012 17:58:08 July 5, 2012 17:58:08

HI Sasha, So i'm getting married next summer, the venue has been booked and now we're in the early stages of preparing. My question is about tall-ness. My fiance is 6'4", and i'm 5'9". With heels 6'1" easily, which usually I love(being tall rocks) HOWEVER, is this gonna look weird in our wedding pictures?! Is this even something to be concerned about? Thanks S.

This may sound like a limp dick answer, but S it all comes down to what makes you feel comfortable.  There is so much anxiety and general weirdness leading up to the day that if you can relieve yourself from a few small stresses, then DO!

When it comes to the height issue, seriously, do whatever puts you at ease.   Do you want to perch yourself up on some heels and get eye to eye with your man?  Or do you want to feel like a dainty little flower?  Either option sounds pretty awesome to me.  And don't forget, you can always switch things up - wear your heels for the ceremony and then swap them with some flats for the party.  Win/Win.

Just to be sure, you are aware of the Wedding Fairy, right?  Lainey and I were telling Duana about it the other day (P.S. DUANA IS GETTING MARRIEEDDDDDD ON SATURDAY). Like, you can be the most mangliest-ass butt f-cking ugly person on the planet, but on your wedding day somehow, someway you’ll wake up looking gorgeous.  Years get wiped off your face, your hair is VO5ed, your ass perks up - I'm telling you, it's f-cking magic.  So S, I have no doubt that whether you choose to heel or not to heel, you'll look stunning.

(Lainey: TRUE STORY. The Wedding Angel visits everyone. I can’t wait for you to meet her.)

Congratulations and send me some pictures!

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