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Sasha Posted by Sasha at September 29, 2011 21:43:52 September 29, 2011 21:43:52

I need a size 41 shoe and where can I find a good shoe selection online? I live in Regina, the only one or two independent shoe stores here don't sell beyond size 10 and I am tired of Aldo and Feet First. I'm pretty fashion forward, like nice things, but at Winners or the Shoe Company their larger size shoe section looks like my Great Aunt's closet (and I check Winners at least once a week). I've recently gone back to work after staying at home with my daughter and I am totally at a loss for options.... black dress already purchased would like some nice I would like some nice high heeled pumps, will spend up to and around $300. L

I can’t say much about Feet Fist but L, I did get a sneak peek into Aldo’s winter and holiday collection and let me just say they have some seriously drool worthy sh*t coming out. But fine, I get it; you want to mix it up. Now, I’m going to assume that because you’re looking for party pumps you can play it up a bit. If not, oops! Too bad.

I am certifiably obsessed with suede shoes. Yes, I know they are super impractical for fall, but I never said I was smart. And L, if you’re a dummy like me, then check out some sweet suede heels here, here and here.

I’m starting to sound like a broken record, so let me say this really quickly. Python. Do it. Now. Or else. But if that pump is too progressive then try this subtle python print in all black.

Whenever I see a girl strutting delicate strappy heels, I always regret not owning any. And if you’re planning to sex it up on your big night out, check out these heels - they reek of sex.

You’re gonna start seeing a lot of glittery gams this season and not just for the holidays. So if you’re not afraid to glitz it up, check out some D Squared heels here.

Whoa. That pretty much sums up how I feel about these.

I take that last ‘whoa’ back because I’d like to apply it to these instead. Whoa. How I just found Pradas for under 300.00, I don’t know, but what I do know is someone better buy them.

Finally, if all else fails, black heels will never do you wrong. I just ask that you step it up a notch with something like these Miu Mius.

There you have it - hope you found something in here that you loved! Xx

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